Q1. What is Talk Up?
A1: Talk Up is a VOIP solution provided by Top Up Technology International Limited and to let you keep connected with your loved one with real time voice communication.

Q2. What is Talk Up Bandwidth requirement?
A2: Talk Up calls over a smartphone from only 2kbps from varies data service* like 3G, 4G/LTE, WiFi, WiMax even EDGE(2G).
* Unlimited Data Plan offered by the Mobile Operators with Fair Usage Policy (FUP) be imposed is not recommended for the operation of Talk Up as you may experience poor voice quality as the upstream will be limited by your mobile service provider.

Q3. What is hi5! bundle?
A3: A hi5! bundle subscriber can enjoy unlimited voice call to 5 Globe's numbers** (both mobile and fixed network) and to Hong Kong numbers** within 30 days.
** Pay phone numbers are not included.
** Talk Up is not a tool for making energency call including but limited to 112, 911, 999 and etc.